Friday, July 1, 2011

Little Difference #2

When I came to visit Jay over spring break I ordered some Euros to get me through the trip. I was delighted when I picked the money up at the bank to see it was all different colors and sizes....smaller bills for smaller amounts. A 5 Euro {They have a symbol like our dollar symbol ($), but I'm not sure how to type it...hmmm.} note is significantly smaller than a 100 Euro bill. What a great idea! Not only can you quickly tell which bill is which by color, but how much easier must that be for someone with visual difficulties?

Once I got here and started using the money and getting change, things got a little confusing, though. Let me show you...

These are all their coins. I haven't seen too many 1 Euro cent or 2 Euro cents...often they will just round to the nearest 5 cents (sometimes up, sometimes down). I guess they figure it all evens out??  Notice the 1 Euro and 2 Euro coins. That has definitely been a little difference that my brain has had a hard time adjusting to.

A display of their paper money...all the way up to 500 Euros. Many stores have signs on the door saying they don't accept larger than 100 Euro bills. See how the size increases?

I just added this picture because it really shows how big the bills get! Look at that 500 Euro compared to the hand!

Lots more money to keep track of than what we have in the U.S. I still fumble around in my wallet when looking for coins...They just have so many more coins than we do. Eight compared to four!

Just another little difference!

Tot ziens!

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