Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Drakes Going German Part 2-Trier Dom, Basilika, & Imperial Baths

Lots of pictures, but it was just so beautiful!

This is the Trier Dom. It is a magnificent church built on the site of Constantine's former palace. Words (or our attempt at pictures) can't really do it justice. The main relic here is the burial robe of Christ. They also have these catacombs you can walk through and in one of the rooms, Constantine's mother Helena's skull is in a gold container!

This is what they call the Basilika or the Romische Palastaula (Guess which name we called it by??). It is currently a Protestant church, but served as the Throne Room for Emporer Constantine when he lived here.

See the wedding party taking pictures here? Right beside this are Palace Gardens and we saw multiple wedding parties there.

It was very open, very grand.

There are also Imperial Baths in Trier. They are dated to about 1600 years old, and you can crawl down into the caverns they used to heat them.

It was an amazing place to see. It's all so very close together, that you're able to see a lot of different places in a very quick amount of time. It was a very full day, but worth it.We checked into our hotel and got to sleep early to get ready for our trip the next day...Cologne.

Tot ziens!


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