Friday, July 15, 2011

Little Difference #6

Growing up my mom managed a pool in the summers. That meant that my brother and I got to spend all day, every day at the pool. Pretty much kiddie heaven. 

Sleeping in. Hot, windy days spent at the pool. The smell of chlorine and sunscreen. Aahh...
Even after my mom no longer worked at the pool in the summer, I still spent a big part of my vacation at one pool or another. That is what summer is (was) to me.

When we moved to Wyoming we had to get used to a little different summer. I mean, in Texas, it's basically summer from April to September (at least). In Wyoming, we have springs in May and June, and then summer in July and August. 

In Holland, we're adjusting to still an even different definition of summer. 

Here's a look at our weather this week. (I changed it to Fahrenheit for you, so you don't have to double the Celsius and add 32 for a rough estimate).


Weather graph showing past weeks' weather and temperature for Deelen
   Night   Day−•− Temperature

Do you see the highs for the last two days?? In the 50s! Not exactly pool weather, that's for sure! One good thing, though, is you don't have to worry about getting too hot or sweating too much (Amber, this place was made for you!). Just another little difference.

Tot ziens!

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