Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Excursion: Friday & Saturday

Friday morning, bright and early, we were back on the bus. We spent two full days driving to get back to Enschede. We stopped outside of Zurich, Switzerland to stay the night. We were all so exhausted by that point in the week we didn't do any sightseeing there. Jay and I had dinner in our hotel restaurant (I made sure to avoid all dishes with stinky cheese!) and then the group had a little party that night to wrap up the trip.

The following pictures were taken Friday on a mandatory stop. Our driver could only drive two hours and then had to take a 15 minute break. Then, after the fourth hour he had to have a 45 minute break. I guess it's a Dutch rule. Are there rules like these for drivers in the US too? Probably. Anyway, it's not so easy to find a gas station/restaurant in the middle of the Alps, so we had to spend our break at a wide spot in the road. Not a bad view, hu?

You might say we were a little "slap happy" after being on the bus for so long...Imagine how we were by Saturday afternoon!

We got back here Saturday evening around 6:30. We had a fabulous trip and it was an amazing experience, but it felt so good to get off that bus! We enjoyed a day of total relaxation on Sunday.  Jay is back to school this week, and then on Thursday his parents get here. We have a long weekend trip planned, and it will be nice to spend time with some fellow Americans.

Tot ziens!

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