Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Weekend

On Friday Jay, Cornelius, and I headed to Hengelo for a very special American treat...KFC. Hengelo is the next town over and by bus took us about 15 minutes to get there. Cornelius loves KFC and decided he needed a fix. I told him about the infamous Double Down sandwich. He had never heard of it, but was sorely disappointed he couldn't "Double Down" on Friday. Here's what you missed, Cornelius.

We wandered around downtown before we caught our connecting bus. My small world connection to Hengelo is that my assistant superintendent in Riverton did his church mission in Hengelo. Crazy small world.

The bus/train station

We soon caught our bus, though, and headed to the outskirts of town where we enjoyed some KFC.

Saturday morning we went to the City Center for a Multicultural Fair and the market. Always a big crowd on the weekends, it was overflowing with the extra booths tucked into every corner. There were many, many countries represented, each selling food and wares from their area of the world. The booth that grossed me out fascinated me the most was the fish pedicure booth. Have you heard of these?

This is a picture from the internet. I was so grossed out fascinated that I didn't even think to get a picture. You put your feet in these tanks (at the fair here, there were smaller tanks, so each person had their own set of fishies), and the fish will eat the dead skin off your feet(I'm going to be honest, I'm gagging a little as I type this...). Isn't that crazy? I can, without any hesitation, say I would NEVER put my feet into a box with fish so they could eat the dead skin off them. NEVER. NEVER.

Saturday evening the students from China hosted a party. They are leaving the progam after this week, so they wanted to treat everyone to some authentic Chinese cuisine. It was delicious, and definitely nothing like the "Chinese" food we eat in America. Here are some pictures of our meal, I'll post people party pictures in a separate post.


What a full weekend!

Tot ziens!

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