Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Drakes Going German Part 1-Trier

This past weekend we finally ventured out of the Netherlands! We did the oh-so-very-American thing and rented a car. (Don't judge...public transportation can be really overrated!) It was amazing to have the freedom to stop where we wanted, when we wanted. Plus, we got there so much faster and got to see some very pretty country side.

Two friends joined us, Lukiko from Tanzania and Wong Mo from Bhutan. We headed out Saturday morning bright and early, and by 10:30 we were in Trier. Trier is the oldest town in nothern Europe and was once the home of Emperor Constantine of the Holy Roman Empire. It is OLD. Trier is this amazing mix of a quaint German setting with Roman ruins thrown right in...I loved it! My Mammaw told me to be sure to visit Trier if we had time, and I was NOT disappointed.

We were able to park the rental car at the hotel and then walked to a nearby bus stop to get to the City Center. At the bus stop another couple came walking up that just looked American. Jay and I commented to each other, and sure enough they started discussing the bus schedule in English...American English. So, I started visiting with them, and they're from Davenport, Iowa, which is just up the road from my grandparents' house! Crazy, small world.

Once we made it downtown, we first stopped at the Porta Nigra. This is an ancient gate built in 180 AD with sandstone blocks. It is now black from years and years of pollution.

From there we headed further into the City Center. It was market day so there were tons of booths out, and they had a band playing polka music (with a litle Big Band thrown in too). I mean, it was like a scene from a movie! So, we got brats from a street cart and had a local beer and enjoyed the music.

Can you see why I loved it so much? We also noticed that the "look" of the German people resembles Americans much more than Dutch people do. Not sure why, but we also enjoyed their eating styles too! I'll post the rest of our pics of the sights soon.

Tot ziens!

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  1. It's so beautiful! Thanks for sharing- I hope I get to go there one day & see all these great places you are! :-)