Thursday, June 30, 2011

Little Difference #1

As I've been adjusting to life over here in the Netherlands, I've realized that while it's not that different to life in the States (I'm sure I would be in much larger culture shock in the Middle East or Russia or China or Tanzania), it's still different. Most of the differences aren't that big, but they do take getting used to.

The first little difference I noticed, both on my spring break trip and upon return, is the amount and type of fluids consumed. I'd always heard not to expect ice in your drinks when visiting Europe, but no one told me to expect a drink to last like four sips!

Look at a typical day in my life (during the school year) of drinks....
  • A can of Diet Dr. Pepper on my drive to work in the morning....or sometimes an iced drink from the convenience store.
  • Once at school, I would fill up my 32 oz. water container with tea.
  • I would fill up my other 32 oz. water container with water.
  • Both of these would be mostly gone at lunch.
  • If it was a cold morning, I would also have a cup of hot green tea first.
  • I would then refill just the plain water one to finish in the afternoon.
  • Once home I would have more tea and/or water during the evening before bed.

Needless to say, I drank a lot of liquids! And I don't feel that I'm alone. It seems everywhere I looked in the States, people had drinks with them. Going on a car trip? Have to stop and get something to drink first. Out running errands? Let's stop and get a coffee first. And water bottles? Everyone always has one or two or ten (ahem, Michelle) in their cars.

Here, though, it just isn't so. Sadly, there is no Diet Dr. Pepper. I know. I'm adjusting to drinking Coke Light when I need a fizzy caffeine hit, but it just isn't the same.

Also, when you buy a drink the amount is so small. Bottled drinks come in half liters. That doesn't last very long....and restaurants? Don't expect much there. Yes, they'll usually give you refills, but when we went to eat with Sammy the other night, I had to get like six (not even exaggerating) refills of my water (without gas...they seem to prefer bubbly water). The only place we've found where you can get a true large drink is the movies...and then, I guess it's worth it because you get all 32 oz. because it has no ice! Haha.

So, like I said, no big deal. Not that big of a difference, just something that takes some getting used to. I still drink tons of water at the apartment, I just have to refill my bottles more often because the bottles don't hold too much!

Tot ziens!

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