Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rutbeek Outing

On Saturday Jay's class took an outing to a local park area. The plan was to cook out, swim, and relax. Unfortunately, when we woke up Saturday morning it was drizzly and cold, so our plans had to change...a little. A few people backed out (because of the weather), but a group of us decided to go check it out anyway.

We punted on the grilling. {This turned out to be good for two reasons: 1. It was a 1 kilometer walk from the bus stop to the beach site, which is a long way to carry your grilling supplies! 2. We found out you aren't allowed to grill there...How upset would you be if you just carried all your grilling accessories over a kilometer and then couldn't use them?!} We took some light snacks, bundled up, and headed out in the rain.

We loaded the bus to head to Rutbeek (pronounced root-beg) Park.

Walking from the bus stop to the beach actually reminded me of Iowa. Very green, lots of trees, and corn!

Once we got to the park area we all had a good time. There is a beach, lots of grassy area, a playground, and a restaurant.

A fierce game of soccer {I'm told it's called football here...} broke out.

Then, despite the weather...and it was cold, notice the umbrellas and jackets...a few decided to take a dip.

They are only running because it's freezing, but doesn't it look a little Baywatch?

After we made it home and warmed up, everyone came over here. We had a great Saturday!

Tot ziens!


  1. how fun! can we come visit and take Aniston there! Oh, and jealous of the cold weather! :)

  2. Please do come visit! :) That would be great...And it's much cooler here!

  3. This is such a neat experience! I'm so happy you get to do this...what a blessing! I just wish I was there to have fun w/ you! :)