Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sweet Summertime

I survived the hard goodbyes of the last day of school. It kind of sucked, to be honest.

Fortunately, though, I didn't have much time to wallow in my self-pity and sadness. My mom and brother arrived Friday evening from Texas to help me move. We went out to eat and then finished up a little last-minute packing. Saturday morning came bright and early, and we were moving all my stuff to storage by ten. I was fortunate to have not only my mom and brother to help, but also my friends Amber and Ryan (and their friends, whom I had never met, Leif and Jacqueline...How nice is that?!) and my friend Lisa and her parents. With all that help, we were done before noon! Amazing.

We got the house cleaned and slept on a pallet on the floor Saturday night. We woke up early to leave Sunday the snow! My brother (who had been in Austin just a week before in 90 degree weather) was definitely not impressed or prepared.

Matt and I started the drive, and we drove...and drove...and drove...and drove. Nebraska is sooooooo long and takes just a little longer than FOREVER to get across. Seventeen hours later we pulled into my grandparents' drive.

Junie made the trip relatively well. She lounged on the back floorboards and just chilled. When it got dark, she even got brave and came exploring up in the front. This was all well and good until the last road to get to my grandparents' house. It's gravel, and it scared Junie TO DEATH. She was hissing and growling, and by the time we finally stopped in their driveway, she had wedged herself up under the seat and wouldn't let us near her.

I'm sure the situation would have been hilarious for anyone watching, but by the time we finally got her out of the car it was 3:30 in the morning. We weren't laughing! In fact, I was near tears and my brother was annoyed but being nice to me. We finally got her in and she hissed at me for the rest of the night and most of the day Monday. When we got up this morning, she decided we could be friends again.

I'm excited to have almost two weeks here to relax and let Junie get settled in her new digs before I head to The Netherlands. I'm hoping to read the giant pile of books I brought and work on my tan out on the pond.

Tot ziens!

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