Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amsterdam Part 1

This past weekend Jay and I boarded the train here in Enschede and headed to Amsterdam. We weren't planning on going until Saturday morning, but Jay got done with school early, so we headed out. It is a quick two hour train ride, and voila! You are there.
We stayed at a hotel called Citizen M. They have them all over the world, I guess, but it was a first for me. It is a very sleek, modern, low maintenence place for travelers to stay. Very minimalistic and no-nonsense. Here's Jay checking us in...

You don't even talk to anyone. Just swipe your credit card and put in your confirmation number, kind of like at the airport. It prints you a receipt and a key!

The hallways look like something that would be on a ship. The rooms are awesome. Again, it reminds me of of a ship. Very tight and compact. You control everything in the room (lights, tv, blinds) with one remote. The shower and bathroom are right in the room, but have circular doors you close and can't see through. It's crazy.

That's the circular shower on the right...abuot 4 feet from the bed!

That night we headed out to explore the city center. The old part of city is called Dam Square and then all the streets and canals wind out from there. The streets are so narrow, the buildings so close together, the streets so winding. Of course we got lost! We walked and walked and walked. We made it back and because the days are so long (still some light at 11 pm or 23:00 as they say here) we didn't even realize how long we had been walking!

In Dam Square in front of the Palace. The Royal Family doesn't live here, but uses this for business when they aren't in The Hague.

On the other side of Dam Square, this is their National Monument.

Sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Dam Square, looking back at the Palace. We sat down to have a drink and a guy leaned over and said, "You are Americans, right?" (See Amsterdam Part 2 for more on that). We started visiting with him and it turns out he's from Texas!

Isn't it just amazing?

Tot ziens!

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