Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Last Leg of the Journey

I was lucky to spend the last two weeks in Iowa with my grandparents. Being at their house is probably my favorite place in the world. They live out in the country, so it is quiet and peaceful. My grandma keeps the lawn perfectly manicured (along with the fields, the area around the pond, and the ditches). There are wild animals, and there is absolutely nothing I have to do there. Sure, sometimes I'll run into town on an errand with my grandma, but for the most part, I read and float on the pond working on my tan. That's it. I definitely needed a little R & R after wrapping up a school year, packing up a house, and driving across the country.

Junie made herself at home very quickly. I was relieved...less guilt about leaving her for the next 3-4 months. She will be well taken care of by grandma, that's for sure!

Grandpa and Sam (the IV). In my lifetime my grandma has had four dobermans, all named Sam. With Sam II she claimed she would just end up calling it Sam no matter what else its name was, so it stuck. Nobody even asked with Sam III and Sam IV. We knew we would get the same answer!

My brother Matt made the long, heinous drive with me from Wyoming to Iowa. I'm grateful!

Just her back, but it's rare to find my grandma inside in the summer. She's almost 82 and enjoys nothing more than being outside on her riding lawn mower or tractor.

The view. Don't be jealous.

On Saturday, though, my time of relaxation in Iowa was over. My dear friend Liz dumped me off at the airport and I was headed to the Netherlands. I made it safely, but exhausted.

Monday was a national holiday here, so Jay had the day off school. We got settled in our new apartment and wandered around town. There was a Jazz festival going on in the City Center, so we headed down there with Cornelius and John.

We had dinner at a shish-kebob place.

The  boys toasting with their local beer. The main beer brewed here in Enschede is Grolsch. It's pretty good. This was Efes, and it is not good.

Tot ziens!