Thursday, June 16, 2011

My New Gym

About a ten minute walk down our street is a very nice park which I've decided will be my new gym. It is beautiful, lush, and so green. It has lots of trails, and it's almost 1 mile around the outside loop. So, I have been heading down there to walk each morning after Jay goes to class. It's full of people walking dogs, playgroups,'s a very happening place.

It even has a mini zoo near the playground equipment. I walked through once to check it out and take pics, but I walk around now because of the smell. There are animal pens on the left and a bird house on the right. Quite a menagerie!

Jay told  me about this park earlier in the spring when he discovered it. He said it was where they held local festivals and carnivals, which is how he discovered it. One thing that bothered him, though, was this racist group put stickers up, so he and his buddy would tear them down. I asked how he knew it was racist, and he said there was a swastika on it...ok, makes sense to me.

This morning there was another sticker on a lampost, so I took a picture. Then I came home and used google translate to see exactly what it means...

It actually is an anti-racism sticker! Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard. Good intentions, for sure, but we'll be leaving the stickers on now, I guess...although I don't know that a lamp post in the park is the right place for it (or why they have a swastika on it)! This language barrier is killing me...time for Rosetta Stone, I think!

Tot ziens!

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