Friday, June 24, 2011

We Passed!

Apparently school testing and the stress of passing them is not unique to the U.S. Ok, I knew it wasn't. Below, a little glimpse of testing here in the Netherlands.

Here in Holland school is not out until the beginning of July (end of next week) and their summer holiday lasts until September 2. Last week on my walks around town, and especially to the park since it's through a residential area, I began to notice an interesting sight outside of some houses.

I noticed a few of these in Amsterdam too.

Do you see it? Take a closer look.

A Dutch flag with a backpack and balloons attached.

So, of course it got me curious, and this is what I found...

At the end of certain grades students take tests to promote to the next grade. At higher levels, the results of these tests also determine which type of school you will attend the next year (college track, trade school track, etc.). So, as a way of celebrating and sharing the good news that you passed and did well on your exams, the Dutch will hang a Dutch flag out a window and then hang their bookbag or backpack out the window with it. We always talked at school about celebrating students' successes...Here's something we didn't think of. I like it!

Tot ziens!

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  1. Wow Hilleary! I saw your comment on our blog - and opened yours! What an adventure! How exciting! -Salem