Saturday, August 6, 2011

Double Drakes-The Rest of the Story

Let's see...I don't think I've fully covered our trip with Jay's parents yet. Some of the places we visited (Cologne and Trier 1 and 2) we had already been to so I won't repost pictures. I talked about Luxembourg and Bastogne here, so that leaves the drive down the Rhine River with beautiful views of castles and the city of Worms.

The drive down the river is about fifty miles and contains 30 castles or remains of castles. There are boat trips you can take that will let you off at different castles so you can tour them, get closer, take good pictures, etc. We decided we could do all that on our own. Well, not so much. The road is two-laned with hardly any places to stop, so most of the castles we saw we couldn't even get a picture of...lesson learned. Take the tour!

Trying to figure out which castle we were looking at...and wishing we had taken the dang boat tour!

That same afternoon we arrived in Worms, Germany. As I mentioned earlier, Worms is kind of a big deal as in it played a pretty big role in the Protestant Reformation. 

These three pictures are from the beautiful Cathedral there. The following is the Martin Luther Memorial.

Worms was also known as Little Jerusalem prior to World War II because for centuries it had one of the largest Jewish populations in Europe. The Jewish cemetery there is just fascinating. We got there right after closing and the caretaker was kind enough to let us in for just a few minutes, but I would have loved to get to spend some more time wandering around. It dates from the 11th century!

Worms was a lovely little town. There was so much history to see, but it wasn't as full of tourists as some of the other places we went. 

Tot ziens!

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