Friday, August 12, 2011


Two months ago today I landed in the Netherlands for an extended summer stay. I knew when I was packing up our house in Wyoming that the next few months of my life would be a totally new experience. Time has flown by and Jay and I have had some unbelievable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences in that short time! 

I think I've adjusted (somewhat, and probably as good as I'm going to) to life here. We are, as I've mentioned before, in a very unique situation. Jay is going to an international school, so we're living in student housing. That means the basic necessities for day to day living are provided with the housing. Therefore, other than our clothes, computers, and a few books, none of our own things are on the same continent as us. Because of this, I know that our "Dutch experience" Is not typical. If we were to move here for a longer duration, we would definitely have more of our belongings with us or would have acquired more along the way. As it is, though, we are living a pretty spartan life compared to how we've lived previously. But, our experience is just that...our experience. 

So, as I've been reflecting on our life for the last two months (his for the last seven), I've compiled a list of the items from my previous life that I'm missing and can't wait to have again when we return!

*These are really in no particular order, except number one and two.

1. My cat, Junie. She's at my grandma's and I know she's in the best hands and being well taken care of, but I miss her. I also feel guilty about abandoning her. I am aware this makes me sound like the crazy cat lady.  

2. Diet Dr. Pepper. I have dreams about walking into a store and finding it hidden behind some other drinks. That's how bad it is. I can't wait to get my hands on one or ten.

3. My car. I really have enjoyed all the extra walking that a Dutch lifestyle entails, and I hope to carry some of this over to my life back in the States upon return....but, I won't take for granted being able to hop into my car for whatever reason. Need to buy a whole trunk worth of groceries? No prob. 

4. A dishwasher. I guess we do have a dishwasher here...actually two and their names are Jay and Hilleary. Not a fan of washing dishes by hand, that's for sure. 

5. A microwave and oven. We only have a cooktop here, and I think we have done very well for ourselves in the food department. (Neither one of us is hurting for food that's for sure!) But, man it sure is a pain to have to heat up leftovers on a stove (not to mention the pot that the above-mentioned dishwashers now have to wash). I know people lived without microwaves for a long, long time, but what a great invention. And an oven...I had no idea how many of my recipes use an oven. 

6. Netflix. We love to watch movies, and we've gone to several here at the theaters. We also love to watch them at home and had gotten way into Netflix, especially streaming movies. They are awesome. So sad they don't work here.

7. A real couch. Seriously look at this thing. It's not even on the same page as comfortable. I guess even if we could stream movies, we wouldn't have anywhere to relax and watch it!

I don't know that two months ago I would have been able to guess the things that would wind up on this list, well except Junie and the Diet Dr. Pepper.

Tot ziens!

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