Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Road Test

One of the biggest learning experiences we've had since we've been here was navigating the roads in our rental car. We have rented a car twice this summer, and we really enjoyed the freedom that goes with that.

Freedom, yes. Familiar? Not so much. It's amazing how different some road signs are, and how helpless not knowing what they mean makes you.

Some were pretty self explanatory, like this speed limit sign.

Others, though, had us a bit confused. This sign means it's no longer 50 kilometers per hour speed limit.

What do you think this means?

The above means no passing. 

And this one, means end of no passing zone. To me, the slash through it should mean no. 

This one means no cars allowed.

This one means no parking...not a helicopter landing pad. Sorry, John.

It definitely made Jay a very aware, alert, defensive driver. It also made me very glad I wasn't listed as a driver on the rental agreement! 

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