Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Never Say Never

I can't believe I'm about to say this. 

I am now the owner of a pair of Crocs. I have never been a fan of the shoes. I mean, unless you're gardening, working as a nurse, or in a kitchen I could never really see the need for the rubber clog. I know some people love them and that's fine, I just always said I would never own a pair.

So, I guess as the old saying goes, never say never. Before we left on our trip with Jay's classmates, I knew I would need some comfortable shoes since we were going to be doing so much walking. Well, in my packing and planning back in May I didn't really think about comfy, touring shoes. {In my defense I did have a lot of other things on my mind.} I have several pairs of way cute shoes here, but they definitely aren't good for hoofing it all day. The only comfortable pair I had over here were my tennies, and nothing ruins an outfit quicker than having to wear socks and tennies where they don't belong. {So vain, I know.} Anyway, I was out shopping one day and came across the Crocs store...There was a really cute pair of shoes on one of the advertisement posters so I ventured in.

It smelled like rubber. BUT, oh my goodness. There are some way cute shoes in there now! They have come a looooong way from just the brightly colored clogs. A looooooooooong way. I ended up getting this pair, but I would have bought another of their jellies if they'd been available in my size. 

I wore them our entire trip. No blisters, no tired aching feet. And no ruined outfits with my sleek black flats. I'm now a believer and I can sort of, kind of understand why people were so willing to wear the ugly clogs. They are heaven for your feet. (Notice I said were willing. With all the cute styles out there I am still not getting the rubber clogs).

Tot ziens!

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