Sunday, August 7, 2011

Love Can Build A Bridge

Is the Judd's song going through your head right now? 

So, on our first trip to Cologne we noticed something unusual on the bridge over the Rhine River as we rode the train into downtown.

Apparently, there is a tradition for people in love to fasten a lock with their name or initials onto a bridge. Once the lock is on there, you throw the key into the river. The idea is, the lock can never be removed since the key is long gone, and therefore, your love will always remain. 

I know, it's just a tad cheesy, but we decided that since we were going back to Cologne when Jay's parents were here we would surprise them and do it too. So, we both locked our locks onto the bridge and threw away the key. 

If you're ever in Cologne, our locks are on the 14th panel on the more congested side of the bridge {Probably should have paid attention to an actual direction}. Look us up.

Tot ziens!


  1. Hi Hilleary,
    I have been reading your blog for a while now. I came across it one day at Kelly's Korner (I think?) and since I am from Holland, I think it's really fun to watch how you experience the culture over here. I lived in the USA for a year myself so I know what it's like, except the other way around.
    I hope that you are enjoying your stay and that you will go back with lots of great memories!

  2. Where do you live in the Netherlands? Please let me know if I've totally misinterpreted something...I realize we're only living in one small corner of the country. Where id you live in the US?

  3. I live near N.ijmegen (the dots that I have in the city and my name are because my name is uncommon and I don't want it to come up when somebody googles it!). I lived in McMinnvill.e, TN! I did a high school year over there in an exchange program which was so great, I went to visit a couple of months ago and it has really become a second home to me.
    So far I think it's just fun to read about Holland through American eyes, and also HONEST eyes. You say how you see us and I like that. Although when you talked about the backpacks that were hanging outside the homes, I think you got it a little wrong. It's when people graduate high school when they do that. But that's all lol.
    When are you going back?

  4. I love the part about the locks!! Since you've been writing this blog it's made me want to go...but that sealed the deal. :-) So sweet (even if it is a little cheesy)!

  5. I want to go do the "LOCKS" too! I <3 cheesy!!

  6., thanks for the correct info on the backpacks. I saw them and just googled around and that was the answer I found. Glad to know the truth! We are here until the end of September.