Thursday, August 18, 2011


What do you like to do in your free time? What are your hobbies? I always DREAD this question on applications or when someone asks me in conversation. 

Dread it. Here's why.

I am terrible at hobbies. Worse than awful. Seriously. The only hobby I really have is reading.  Now don't get me wrong, I have dabbled in countless hobbies over the years, but I just don't have the "stick with-it-ness" required to fully develop a hobby. For example...

Knitting Years and years ago I got into the knitting craze. I signed up and took a class at the cutest little knitting shop in Iowa City. I loved that store. It was cozy and colorful and so perfectly organized. I even convinced  my friend Liz to take a class with me the next semester. She dove in headfirst and became a knitting fool. She finished our mandatory scarf in the first couple weeks and was on to bigger and better projects! Me? I barely finished the first scarf and when I packed up our house in Wyoming, I threw away two started scarves and a dishtowel. Hobby finished.

Scrapbooking I had the marvelous idea the year we turned 21 to make my friend Elise a birthday book entitled "21 Reasons I'm So Glad We're Friends." I embarked on this project with full gusto and with about two months to complete it. I spent countless hours at Hobby Lobby, bought gobs and gobs of scrap paper and pens and stickers. I also happened to mention to a few people that I was "sooo into scrapboking." {Guess what I got for gifts for years following???} I made a few pages, and then I was fresh out of new ideas. I eventually finished and mailed the book to her in April (her birthday is in January). Never used those supplies again, but I traded my friend Val some great scrapbooking materials for hot sauce. I think I got the better end of that deal! Hobby finished.

Yoga I signed up for a yoga class at a cute little studio in Iowa City. One night a week....not too much of a commitment, right? Hmmm. Now, in all fairness, I did enjoy my yoga class, but I never practiced the poses at home. I also think I skipped the last few weeks of class...I think I could get into yoga again, maybe. Maybe not. Hobby finished.

Stamping/Cardmaking I met some great friends in Wyoming and one of them happens to be a Stampin' Up representative. Stampin' Up is a company that deals in, you guessed it, stamps, papers, and cardmaking...essentially. Once a month Deborah had these great parties. You go, pay $10, get to make four cute, cute cards and enjoy a nice sampling of foods and drinks. I was hooked after the first time. I loved the cards we made. I loved the idea of being crafty. I bought a couple sets of stamps, I bought the materials to make our Christmas cards that year, I even won several stamp sets at her parties. Guess what? After I moaned and groaned my way through our Christmas cards that first year, I never made another card outside of Stamp Camp. I donated all my goodies to another friend Jennifer who actually uses them and makes some very cute creations. Hobby finished.

Dutch Yes, I know I said I was going to learn some Dutch. I promised myself back in March when I got back from visiting Jay here. I ordered Rosetta Stone, and I was into it...for awhile. Then I got busy with school and said I would work on it when I got over here and didn't have so much to do. And I did...for awhile. Then, I decided that my time here was already halfway over, and unless we were back here in the Netherlands I wasn't going to really need to speak Dutch. I have learned some vocabulary words and can recognize words in print. I have no idea what people are saying or how to say anything, though. So, I feel a twinge of guilt when I get an email from someone asking how the Dutch is going. 

Let's face it, I'm TERRIBLE at hobbies. 


  1. I go through phases too... I have two unfinished baby scrapbooks, a whole storage tubs full of scrapbooking stuff, tubs of fabric, a sac of yarn and crochet needles, a sewing machine.... and, as you saw.. a bunch of undecorated rooms and unfinished furniture! :0

  2. Yeah, but you're good at things like that. I just like to dabble. And I hate having things around I don't use, so I end up getting rid of everything...Gotta learn to say no and save my money for purses or shoes! :)

  3. Gotta love how you dive into each one head first! :-D hahahahaha

  4. Amber, I'm nothing if not all in! That's the "north" in me. :)