Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seven Years

Seven years ago yesterday, Jay and I pulled into Wyoming. We were both recent college graduates and had our first jobs. It was new, it was scary, it was totally unknown and different from anything or anywhere either of us had lived before. We were away from our families and only had each other in this new place...

Here is a picture of Lander as you drive into downtown. It doesn't really do the beauty of the place justice. Hidden in the foggy background are the foothills of the Wind River Mountains. Oh so different from the plains of west Texas, the beaches of Corpus Christi, and the cornfields of Iowa.

These past seven years have flown by. I changed jobs and fell into a position I was meant to be in. Jay traveled tons for work, and we got to travel together extensively in this part of the country. We really enjoyed living here and have met some of THE most wonderful people.

Today on the elliptical machine at the gym I got to thinking about how fast (and slowly) seven years goes by. How much can happen. How much can change. Then it hit me.

We are there again. At the beginning of a new chapter; a fork in the road. In one week I will leave Wyoming, and in about three I will be heading to The Netherlands. It is new, it is scary,  it is totally unknown and different from anything or anywhere either of us have lived before. We will be away from our families and only have each other in this new place...

A sense of peace overcame me. We can do this. Sure, we have no idea what's next, but did we really when we pulled into the Tomahawk Motor Lodge late on that Sunday night? Nope, not at all. We had no idea the ups and downs, the challenges, the successes, or the failures we would face and overcome in this place.

Not only do we have each other as we embark on this new adventure, but our God is the same. Just as He was seven years ago, He is still in charge. Just as He knew seven years ago, He knows what is in store. Just as He did seven years ago, He will walk this journey with us and lead us to where we need to be.

Whew. So thankful for that. So excited to see where we are seven years from now.

 Tot ziens!

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