Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Visit

Obviously several weeks have passed between Jay leaving and now. There are many stories for later posts...too bad I didn't have jet lag sleeplessness to give me the idea for a blog before now! I promise to share later.

For now fast forward to the end of Februrary. I was able to go visit Jay in The Netherlands for a week over my spring break. It has been AMAZING. I had never been overseas before, and it has been everything I heard it would be. From the excruciatingly long flight, to feeling overwhelmed by not knowing the language (luckily most Dutch speak at least some English), to just being in awe of the different sights, sounds, and smells.

Here are a few pictures from my adventure so has been awesome!

The foggy streets of Enschede. I was excited to see sun one day, but I quickly learned that in the winter here, seeing the sun meant colder weather.

It is soooo wet here. Everything is green already (still?). I even saw some flowers starting to poke up out of the soil. This is moss growing in a brick border. Everything has the moss growing on it...buildings, benches, sidewalks, roofs. Everything.

City Center photos

I would tell you how old this church is, but I can't read Dutch! One of my frustrations with myself and goals for summer.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays the City Center becomes a giant market. They have anything and everything you want...from fruits, vegetables, scraves, purses, deoderant, and cooked snacks.

Bicycles are king of the road here. Everyone rides a bike, and Jay has it on his list of things to do before I come back this summer to find us some cheap bikes.

The rest are just a couple photos from the winding streets around the City Center. Doesn't it just look European?

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