Sunday, March 6, 2011

Movie Night

On my last night in Enschede, a few of us decided to go see a movie. We rode the train to a different part of town where there is a theater (or cinema, as they say) that shows English movies with Dutch subtitles. Yes! We could understand something!

We went to see The Rite. It definitely was not my type of movie...too scary! I spent a good portion of it with my eyes closed and my ears plugged. Cornelius and Prince got a good laugh out of that.

There were two differences between watching a move "Dutch style" and the way you would in the States. First, there was an intermission. Exactly one hour into the show, a worker came in and pressed some buttons in a locked box on the wall. The movie paused and the lights came up. Everyone grabbed their purses and coats and headed out for a break. It lasted about fifteen minutes. The other thing that was different than our movie theaters is they have beer you can buy and take in with you. Grolsch is a beer brewed in Enschede, and boy are they proud of it! It's everywhere...even the movie theater!

Here are pictures of me waiting for the train, first with Jay then Prince.

Prince, Cornelius, and Jay pleased with their beverages before the show.

Tot ziens!

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